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The ESOP Ambassador Program from The ESOP Association Advocacy

ESOP Ambassadors


The ESOP Association's ESOP Ambassador Program for Advocacy

ESOP Ambassadors are passionate community leaders who have experience working with elected or appointed representatives, a relationship with their Member of Congress, or wish to cultivate a new relationship. When you volunteer to serve as an Ambassador, you will become a primary point of contact for your Member of Congress and assume responsibility for relaying the views of the ESOP community through frequent, targeted communications.

If you have an existing relationship with your lawmakers, let TEA know! Don’t have a relationship yet? That is ok, the ESOP Ambassador Program will help you develop a lasting relationship with your elected officials.

What is an ESOP Ambassador?

ESOP Ambassadors are leaders within the ESOP community committed to building meaningful relationships with Members of Congress. 


What does an ESOP Ambassador do?

ESOP Ambassadors actively educate lawmakers on issues affecting the ESOP community. ESOP Ambassadors are the most active EOAN members and stay consistently engaged with lawmakers by making phone calls, sending emails, attending fundraisers, and/or hosting meetings.


Interested in joining?

Start by filling out this form to identify yourself and share your relationships. A member of our advocacy team will reach out to you once your survey has been reviewed.