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ESOP Association Membership

Why join The ESOP Association? Because TEA offers benefits you can’t find anywhere else—like a unique nationwide network of 18 chapters, advocacy tools and support for any ESOP company regardless of size or corporate structure, world-class conferences, and the largest membership with the best networking available. Not to mention timely tools, updates and webinars to help members navigate the COVID-19 crisis.  

Want to learn more about becoming a member? See our options for membership categories and pricing or contact us for more information. 


Membership with The ESOP Association means you have a local chapter.

When you join The ESOP Association you are enrolled automatically in your local chapter, where you can attend events and meetings close to home. Our nationwide network of 18 chapters produces more than 150 educational and networking events each year with content geared to everyone, and at every level, of your organization. 

To get world class educational content and networking for everyone in your ESOP company—all close to home—learn more about the chapter experience, included with your membership.    

Events & Meetings

Membership with The ESOP Association affords you access to the best ESOP events.

In addition to chapter meetings, The ESOP Association presents five world-class national events each year, for every member of the ESOP community. No matter who you are or what kind of content you seek, you’ll find a national event perfectly suited to you.  

Visit our Events & Meetings page for detailed information on each of our specially planned, exquisitely executed, and unforgettable world-class events. If you want to learn about ESOPs and meet others in the field, these are the events to attend. And with discounted registration as one of your ESOP Association member benefits, attending is an unbeatable deal.  


ESOP Association Membership Helps Fund Advocacy

Since the earliest days of ESOPs, The ESOP Association (TEA) has been there to give employee owners and their companies a voice on Capitol Hill. Through good times and bad, TEA has rallied grassroots support and offered its members advocacy leadership and expertise. The result: Despite repeated challenges, ESOP companies have lost no significant benefits and have, instead, gained new ones.  

Through education, data, and structured advocacy opportunities—like visiting Capitol Hill during the National Conference in Washington DC each May—we help ESOPs stay front and center in the minds of elected officials. Joining TEA is the best investment you can make to ensure your ESOP company's future.  


ESOP Association Members at a Networking happy hour during Employee Owned 2019

No matter what your ESOP company is facing, our network of corporate and professional members have probably been through it too, and can offer advice to help smooth the way for you. You can tap into that network by using our online directories to search all corporate members and professional and educational members

Or use our exclusive online member networking platform, The HUB, to ask questions, share ideas, and access files—including slides from our webinars.      

And don't forget about our chapters, conferences, and events, which offer unbeatable opportunities to make new connections in the ESOP community. Add it all up and your ESOP Association membership helps you find and interact with members in your industry, city—or anywhere across the country—with ease. 


Membership means access to ESOP Resources

Our resources—free to members—help your ESOP and your company attain new levels of excellence. Our monthly newsletter, the ESOP Report, keeps you apprised of the latest legal, regulatory, and association news. Our webinars provide the expert insights you need to tackle pressing problems. Washington Alerts provide timely updates on TEA advocacy efforts and on legal and regulatory developments in our nation's capital. And our surveys help you benchmark and raise your level of performance.

It all adds up to a treasure trove of information worth many times the cost of membership.  

ESOP Association Awards

ESOP Association Membership Awards

For more than four decades, TEA has highlighted the accomplishments of employee owned companies, professionals, and devoted ESOP advocates. We honor employee ownership in numerous ways, sharing examples of excellence among members and the larger community. Our awards highlight individuals and organizations, volunteers, chapters, and those whose long term contributions have made the ESOP community stronger and more resilient.

Check our awards section and see how excellent our members are.  


-David Kelly, CFO at Acadian Ambulance Service Inc.

“Membership in The ESOP Association is vital to an ESOP owned company. The advocacy and education services are invaluable and are not duplicated by any other organization.” 

-Philip S. Dooly, President at Haywood Builders Supply

“I consider The Association to be a vital partner for the continued well-being of our ESOP—and, therefore, our company.”