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Employee Ownership Month

October is Employee Ownership Month (EOM)—a month long celebration of the undeniable benefits employee ownership provides to employees, companies, local communities, and the nation.

This year, The ESOP Association is providing more options and resources than ever to help you celebrate EOM. We know many of you are working overtime to keep your companies running and to adapt to new challenges in your business and personal lives. So let us help!

Check out the ready-to-share resources below—and join the entire ESOP community in celebrating something truly special: employee ownership!   

Connect and Collaborate!

EOM ESOP Network

Join your fellow employee owners in a new network dedicated to Employee Ownership Month, Ask questions, share ideas, and work together to create the safe, uplifting experiences your employee owners deserve. You'll also get access to a variety of free materials—including our

Press Kit ESOP Fact sheetEOM Zoom Backgrounds
Print OutsAdvocacy FAQSocial Media Shareables

It's all on The HUB, TEA's digital networking platform. 

Free Online Quizzes

EOM ESOP Quizzes

Looking for a way to engage your employee owners but don't have time to make a game or quiz? Use ours!

We have five new, free quizzes—one for every week of Employee Ownership Month! Use these to help your fellow employee owners learn more about: ESOP Facts, ESOPs and Employee Owners, How ESOPs Work, ESOP Advocacy, and ESOP Association History. Whether they get the answer right or wrong, they will get great feedback and content, along with links to resources to help them keep growing and gaining knowledge. 

Fly the Flag!


Order a flag today and let everyone in your community know that you are proud to be employee owned!

Supplies are limited so make sure to get your order in early!

EOM Poster Winner

Recology Employee Ownership Month Poster 2022

The 2022 Employee Ownership Month Winning Poster has been selected by a panel of TEA Members and is now available to all TEA corporate members. Congratulations to Recology on their winning poster!

Show Your Support!

TEA and EOF gear

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