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What Is An ESOP?

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) are retirement plans, governed by some of the same laws and regulations as 401(k) plans. ESOPs, though, are fundamentally different from 401(k)s, offering far more advantages to businesses, owners, employees, and communities.

ESOP Fast Facts

ESOP Holdings in the United States
  • ESOPs boost employee engagement. When ESOPs are formed, shares of company stock are allocated to all employees, making them employee owners who share in the rewards if the stock rises and the risks if the stock falls. As a result, they are more invested in helping the business succeed and more likely to tackle problems, such as helping co-workers who are underperforming.

  • Most ESOPs require no out-of-pocket contribution from employees. For plenty of people, funding a contribution to a 401(k) each paycheck is a struggle. For employees like these, an ESOP might be the only retirement plan in which they can afford to participate.

  • ESOPs help narrow the wealth inequality gap. Employees at ESOP companies tend to earn higher wages and have greater savings than their peers in non-ESOP companies. In 2018, ESOPs distributed $126.7 Billion nationally.

the power of esops

Employee Owners in the United States
(that's more than the entire auto industry)
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Not Just a Retirement Plan

Insurance Program

In the simplest terms, an ESOP is a retirement plan. In reality, an ESOP is so much more than that.

ESOPs provide unique benefits to the employee owners, the institutions, and the surrounding communities that they are involved with. ESOPs have been proven to:

          and so much more!

Who Benefits Most From ESOPs?

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