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TEA Launches Online Networks, Webinar Archive

Patrick Mirza

Now that interpersonal interaction is significantly restricted nationwide, online interaction can be invaluable: Meet The HUB, The ESOP Association’s new series of networks that will become the center of online activity for ESOP companies and employee owners.

The HUB offers tools for chatting, sharing resources, asking questions, and gathering insights and ideas—all in a safe online environment offered exclusively to ESOP Association members.

The HUB also is where recordings of our popular new webinars are stored.

Superior to traditional social media, The HUB is fully integrated into TEA’s website; when you sign into the website you are automatically signed into The HUB and all the networks within it! Commenting on TEA resources and sharing them in your discussions is quick and easy because you are still attached to the website.

Best of all, you know this environment is safe and secure, and that your interactions will be read and commented upon by knowledgeable peers and experts who have the best interests of the ESOP community at heart.

To get the ball rolling, we have launched the following networks:

COVID-19 Network—This network supplements our COVID-10 Action Center, providing a way for members to share ideas and ask pertinent questions about today’s health and business challenges. All members are automatically enrolled in this network. This network is where all webinar recordings are stored.

Chapter Networks—These online networks offer a way to stay in touch with your fellow members in your chapter and share questions and concerns about local topics. Each chapter has its own network and all members in a chapter automatically have access to that network.

Work Groups—We also are rolling out closed networks, or work groups. These platforms provide our volunteer leaders—such as chapter officers and Advisory Committee members—a secure place to carry on the invaluable work they do on behalf of the ESOP community.

Want us to launch a new network for a currently underserved industry, position, or topic? Let us know and we will work with you to get it started. Send us your feedback and suggestions at

When TEA’s in person meetings return in full force, The HUB will provide a perfect supplement to these chapter and national events, allowing conversations to take place before and after meetings and across the nation.

Visit The HUB today and start engaging your fellow members!