TEA, EOF to Open New International Employee Ownership Center: This new, state-of-the-art facility will open in December and dramatically expand advocacy, education, and conferencing capacity in service of the employee ownership mission.

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The AACE Awards

Annual Awards for Communications Excellence (AACE)

The AACE Competition identifies companies that excel at communicating with employee owners and the larger community about ESOPs.

Categories include:

  • Video,
  • Printed Materials,
  • Intranet,
  • Employee Ownership Marketing,
  • One Special Event,
  • Series of Special Events,
  • and Total Communications. 

A panel of five judges representing The ESOP Association's membership evaluates all AACE entries. Winners are announced at an awards banquet in May at The ESOP Association's National Conference in Washington, DC.


AACE 2020 Entry Guidelines Coming Soon!

Don't miss your chance to enter The ESOP Association's most prestigious competition. Whether you win an award or not, the entry process alone is incredibly valuable. 

Members tell us that gathering materials and reviewing their communication efforts to enter the Annual Award for Communication Excellence (AACE) is helps them assess and improve their communications efforts. 

To enter the AACE and EOM Poster competitions: 

Be sure to read the AACE and EOM Poster Entry Rules because there are three changes to the entry process that you will want to be aware of.

AACE Competition Questions?

Contact Paul Pflieger, (202) 293-2971, ppflieger@esopassociation.org


Want to know what it takes to win one of the coveted AACE prizes?

See below for a list of past winners and runners up, along with comments from the judges about these entries. 


What is the EOM (Employee Ownership Month) Poster Competition?

Every October, The ESOP Association and its member companies celebrate Employee Ownership Month (EOM). This is a terrific celebration of the spirit of employee ownership and an invaluable opportunity to educate employee owners, elected officials, the media, and the public at large about the benefits of ESOPs. 

A big part of Employee Ownership Month is the annual poster competition, which highlights the poster that best embodies and exemplifies employee ownership and ESOP culture.  

To generate an entry for the Employee Ownership Month (EOM) Poster competition, some members create an internal contest that is both fun and educational for the entire organization.  

The five-person panel of ESOP Association members that judges the AACE competition also selects a winner for the EOM poster competition. The winner is announced in May at the National Conference in Washington, D.C. and posters are available for purchase before EOM.  


Entries are judged based on:  

•   How clearly, powerfully, and effectively they convey employee ownership and the ESOP concept.  

•   How involved employee owners were in creating and executing the poster design.  

•   The technical quality of the communication.  

•   Creativity and originality.