Virtual Roundtable Events : Your local ESOP Association chapter is now offering regularly scheduled virtual roundtables for HR professionals, CFOs, and CEOs. Join your peers in ESOP companies to talk about the pressing issues facing your business and share ideas and solutions.

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ESOP Association COVID-19 Response and Action Center

COVID-19 Action Center

Come here to get the help you need. The ESOP Association has created this clearinghouse of resources to help your ESOP weather the COVID-19 pandemic, collaborate and learn strategies under use across the ESOP Community, and guide you to the resources your business will need to survive and thrive.


Webinars and Education

Drawing from the top professional talent represented on our six Professional Advisory Committees, The ESOP Association in cooperation with the Employee Ownership Foundation has prepared an impressive four part, eight week series of live webinars on emergency issues directly related to the COVID-19 health crisis and the resultant economic fallout.  Additional sessions will be added as events develop and issues arise.  Unable to participate live?  They will be recorded and made available for you to watch on your schedule.


Washington Alerts on COVID-19 Response

Look here to find archived editions of our Washington Alerts to keep on top of the latest developments and resources coming out of Washington, DC.  The ESOP Association will provide ongoing information about legislation, regulatory developments, and advocacy efforts TEA is undertaking on your behalf.


Important Resources for your Business

Our research and communications team will continuously curate a collection of external resources helpful to your businesses and teams.  If you can’t find something or if you think there must be somebody else working on a similar problem, check here first.  Our goal is to use the power of our community to collect the best ideas, resources, and information and make it available for others.


Economic Recovery Events

Once it is responsible to again gather our community, The ESOP Association and its nationwide network of state and regional chapters will begin sponsoring small, high-level, one-day sessions throughout the nation to give the opportunity for ESOP leaders to learn, share ideas, and collaborate.  Our experience after the 9/11 attack as well as the 2008 great recession was that the sooner ESOPs can get together to share ideas and solve problems, the faster they were able to recover.  The ESOP Association is also planning to hold a federal economic summit and advocacy day for ESOP executives in Washington, DC to make sure our voice is heard loudly and our unique issues are addressed in government economic recovery efforts.