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Feb. 26
This is going to be crucial year for TEA and for ESOPs. In the February issue of the ESOP Report, you'll read about the importance of having a strong, unified voice in Washington (especially now), the latest update on the National Conference, information on new resources for ESOP committee members, and so much more! 
Feb. 17
Todd Bransky, or “Mr. ESOP,” as he is known to his fellow employee owners, is a Systems Integration Specialist for Folience, which is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He is a passionate advocate for employee ownership and an IT expert with more than 22 years of experience.
Feb. 05
New COVID-19 guidelines from The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are now available online.
Feb. 02
At NCM Associates, strong relationships—with employee owners and with customers—are an essential part of the business.
Jan. 26
Looking for a way to engage your employee owners but don't have time to make a game or quiz? Use ours!
Jan. 22
Inside this issue:
Letter from the President
Featured Member: Paper Machinery Corp
Using Zoom for Roundtables
ESOP Partners becomes an ESOP
...and more!
Jan. 20
The ESOP Association looks forward to working with President Joe Biden and his incoming Administration to make employee ownership available to the vast majority of privately employed Americans. The ESOP Association believes that employee ownership strengthens our free enterprise economy, increases productivity through greater employee participation and satisfaction, and maximizes human potential by enhancing self-worth, dignity, and the well-being of working Americans.
Jan. 15
Welcome to the first ESOP Report of 2021! This issue is packed with must read articles including all the information you'll need about TEA's new Group Captive Insurance Plan!
Jan. 14
See the PDF to the right for a map and list of pre-convening freshman in Congress. A pre-convening freshman is a Member who won a seat in the general election. This category also includes people who won a special election prior to the first meeting of a new Congress.
Freshman members are important targets for outreach because they may or may not know about ESOPs and Employee Ownership.