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Jul. 21
Ted Becker Wins Lifetime Service Award
Washington, DC, July 19, 2021 – Theodore “Ted” Becker, Partner at McDermott Will & Emery in Chicago, has been awarded the ESOP community’s highest honor, The 2021 Lifetime Service Award. The Lifetime Service Award honors individuals who have made a significant, long-term contribution to employee ownership and the ESOP community.
Jul. 02
Washington, DC, June 21, 2021 - Jessica Molnar, Intern Architect at Wiley|Wilson, based in Lynchburg, VA has been named The ESOP Association’s 2021 Employee Owner of the Year. This award recognizes a non-management employee owner who provides a positive influence in the company and participates in the company’s employee ownership activities and the activities of The ESOP Association (TEA). It is one of the highest honors that TEA bestows.
Jul. 02
Washington, DC, June 21, 2021 - Recology, a resource recovery ESOP company based in San Francisco, CA, has won The ESOP Association’s highest corporate honor—the ESOP Company of the Year Award. The award honors a company that actively participates in the employee ownership community and that demonstrates a dedication to The ESOP Association’s vision of employee participation, wealth creation, and individual dignity and worth.
Jun. 21
Today, Project Equity and The ESOP Association (TEA) announced a new partnership designed to amplify employee ownership as a way to preserve businesses, strengthen jobs and build a more resilient post-pandemic economy. This partnership will use new, nationwide state-by-state data to demonstrate for lawmakers the impact of ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) and worker cooperatives, particularly in relation to the massive generational shift in business ownership facing the nation, known as the “Silver Tsunami.” Project Equity used its data analysis to create 50 state-specific infographics which will be released as part of The ESOP Association’s 47th National Conference in Washington, DC this week. TEA has scheduled more than 220 individual meetings with Members of Congress and their staff to share the data as well as other legislative and regulatory priorities for the employee ownership community.
May. 19
The ESOP Association encourages Congress to strengthen The Endless Frontier Act (S. 1260) by supplementing it with the bipartisan Sanders/Moran WORK Act Amendment, which provides critical resources to educate business owners about the benefits of employee ownership and the economic and competitive stability that flows from it. Business longevity and succession planning for the millions of current American businesses facing the retirement of their owners is an essential element to any long-term American competitive strategy.
May. 19
Inaugural Public Policy Council Appointed
Group Will Help Lead Employee Ownership Policy at The ESOP Association
May 18, 2021, Washington, D.C. – The ESOP Association’s Board of Directors is proud to announce the inaugural members of its Public Policy Council (PPC), led by Executive Committee Chair Peter Ney of EA Engineering and eight other members of the of the Executive Committee.
May. 05
Seeking to ride a wave of retiring business owners and the rising attention being given to employee ownership as a solution for wealth and income disparities, The ESOP Association is making a multi-year, multi-million dollar investment into government relations and public awareness.
Mar. 22
Secretary Provides Responses to ESOP Questions During Confirmation Process
Jan. 20
The ESOP Association looks forward to working with President Joe Biden and his incoming Administration to make employee ownership available to the vast majority of privately employed Americans. The ESOP Association believes that employee ownership strengthens our free enterprise economy, increases productivity through greater employee participation and satisfaction, and maximizes human potential by enhancing self-worth, dignity, and the well-being of working Americans.
Jan. 08
We are encouraged by news reports that President-elect Joseph Biden will nominate Isabel Guzman to lead the Small Business Administration (SBA). As the head of California’s Office of the Small Business Advocate, Guzman has gone on the record stating the important role ESOPs play in helping our nation retain millions of businesses that might otherwise close when their Baby Boomer owners retire—as many are expected to do in the next eight years.