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Oct. 27
Join Us in Las Vegas to Hear His Inspirational Stories of Breaking Barriers and Pushing the Limits of Human Endurance
Oct. 21
Lab Supervisor Had to Work from Home so he Built a Lab in his Garage
Urban employee owners innovate during the pandemic to serve clients and thrive in 2020
Oct. 21
This October, Employee Ownership Month, The Gazette, a Folience brand, ran a special ESOPTOBER Employee Ownership Month Celebration Sunday Edition of their Newspaper to celebrate their ESOP and help the community understand what it means to be employee owned.
Oct. 19
Bonnie Hagemann Will Share Critical Insights From Her Work With CEOs and Leaders of Some of Our Most Iconic and Recognizable Companies and Brands
Oct. 15
Hall of Famer and Baseball’s “Iron Man” to Share Insights and Experiences that Made Him One of the Greatest of All Time
Oct. 07
When it comes to medication fulfillment, your employee owners and their dependents typically have multiple options between traditional retail locations, home delivery, and even specialty pharmacies when necessary. One lesser-known option is utilizing an international prescription service provider (IPSP), such as Canada-based CANARX, for brand-name drugs when a generic is not available.
Sep. 30
During a Congressional hearing held today by the U.S. House Small Business Committee, TEA Immediate Past Chair and Chairman of Eagle Communications, Gary Shorman, discussed the importance of Employee Ownership, the need for quick access to Small Business Administration loans, and the chilling effect of the Department of Labor’s lack of guidance on ESOP formation.
During Shorman’s testimony he asked Congress to:
Jul. 21
This article provides an overview of the various options for employee ownership.
Jun. 03
A Look at Funding Via Pension Plans and Some Insights on Which Situations Might Best Fit this Approach
May. 26
The ESOP Association has mobilized its advocacy teams to provide support for legislation that helps fund critically needed education and state centers for employee ownership. The amendment, sponsored by Kansas Senator Jerry Moran (R) and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (I) provides $50 million in spending authority over the next four years.