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May. 05
Seeking to ride a wave of retiring business owners and the rising attention being given to employee ownership as a solution for wealth and income disparities, The ESOP Association is making a multi-year, multi-million dollar investment into government relations and public awareness.
Mar. 22
Secretary Provides Responses to ESOP Questions During Confirmation Process
Feb. 17
Todd Bransky, or “Mr. ESOP,” as he is known to his fellow employee owners, is a Systems Integration Specialist for Folience, which is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He is a passionate advocate for employee ownership and an IT expert with more than 22 years of experience.
Feb. 02
At NCM Associates, strong relationships—with employee owners and with customers—are an essential part of the business.
Jan. 20
The ESOP Association looks forward to working with President Joe Biden and his incoming Administration to make employee ownership available to the vast majority of privately employed Americans. The ESOP Association believes that employee ownership strengthens our free enterprise economy, increases productivity through greater employee participation and satisfaction, and maximizes human potential by enhancing self-worth, dignity, and the well-being of working Americans.
Jan. 08
We are encouraged by news reports that President-elect Joseph Biden will nominate Isabel Guzman to lead the Small Business Administration (SBA). As the head of California’s Office of the Small Business Advocate, Guzman has gone on the record stating the important role ESOPs play in helping our nation retain millions of businesses that might otherwise close when their Baby Boomer owners retire—as many are expected to do in the next eight years.
Jan. 06
The ESOP Association congratulates Boston Mayor Marty Walsh on his reported nomination to the position of Secretary of Labor. Mayor Walsh has a history of engaging ESOP companies and encouraging employee ownership, and if he is confirmed, The Association looks forward to working with him and the Biden Administration to advance employee ownership.  
Dec. 03
The ESOP Association and the Employee Ownership Foundation are now located in our new headquarters!
Oct. 26
In the midst of the pandemic, companies that are owned by their employees are dramatically outperforming other firms in such key areas as securing employees’ jobs, and maintaining work hours, salary, and workplace health and safety. Those are the findings of a new study conducted by Rutgers University and SSRS, and funded by the Employee Ownership Foundation.
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Sep. 28
Congratulations to Hisco, which submitted the winning entry in this year’s Employee Ownership Month competition! A free copy of the poster will be mailed to all corporate members of The ESOP Association. Additional copies may be purchased in the ESOP Store.